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Roles and responsibilities of a web publisher Learn how the role of the web publisher plays an important part in providing visitors to the website with a positive impression of the University
Add and update content Find information about the different types of content you can add and how to choose the most appropriate type
How to save content as draft You might need to pause working on your content in T4 Site Manager and come back to it at a later time. To do this, you can save your content as a draft
When will my content be published? T4 Site Manager publishes new or updated content at regular intervals throughout the day, meaning it will not be immediately visible on the live site
Remove content Content becomes old and out of date, sometimes very quickly. It is important to remove this content so your users are not misinformed
Schedule a future publish date You can schedule content to be published at a future date - useful if the information is only relevant at certain times or you want to make sure something is published if you might be away
Schedule an expiry date You can set a piece of content to expire, meaning it will disappear from the webpage at a certain date and time
What to think about when creating a new page There are several things that you should consider when creating a new page in order for it to achieve your aims and objectives
Use a basic content block A content block is the most important content type. It is how you add the majority of your content
Use a lead in A lead in acts as an introduction to a page. Find out when and how to use one
Use a module A module is a distinct box on a page to draw attention, or used as a signpost to related information. Find out how to use one effectively
Use a quote Use quote boxes to reinforce or exemplify a key message, and to add an authentic tone of voice to your webpage
Use a dropdown menu Drop-down menu items expand when clicked to reveal additional content. These menus allow additional content to be included without making the page too long
Web accessibility Many people struggle to interact with websites due to disabilities and other conditions. Find out how you can help and why it is important
The right channel for a piece of content Learn when you should use channels other than the website to communicate with your intended audience
Write for the web Tips and advice to consider when writing for the web
Use images on your website Why and when you should use images in your website
Find good images The use of good-quality, relevant imagery on your pages can help boost engagement with the content
How to add or modify media to the media library Find out how to add or modify your media in the Media Library
List of approved image sizes and file formats Find out the correct image size and file format for the content type you are using
Crop and resize an image Find out how to crop and resize images so you can use them on a webpage
Stop multi-day events disappearing once they have started Events spanning multiple days disappear from events pages after their start date - find out some possible workarounds
Add an event item Find out how to add event items to your Events section
Add a news item Find out how to add news items to your News section

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