Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs) and online assessments 2021/22

Extra time and/or time breaks

If you are allowed extra time or rest breaks, through either a study support plan or previously agreed Alternative Examination Arrangements (AEAs), these will apply to both:

  • the time you are expected to spend answering the questions and
  • any time for scanning or uploading.

Four-day assessments

If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements you will automatically have 5 days rather than 4 days to complete timed assessments. You normally have AEAs because of disclosed disabilities.

You do not need to ask your school to arrange this later submission time.

We are not expecting you to spend the entire four days completing your assessment if your assessments are set over a four-day period.

Check the communications sent by your school which will tell you how long the assessment is scheduled for. If you are unsure, contact your School Disability Coordinator.


Use the self-certification process if you need to defer an exam. Contact your school for the 'Self-certification for absence' form. If you self-certify an exam, you will need to take it in the resit period.

Extenuating circumstances (ECs)

If you are already registered for AEAs, you do not need to submit additional extenuating circumstances forms unless:

  • your extenuating circumstance is due to something unrelated to your pre-existing conditions, or
  • you need to tell us that your pre-existing conditions have changed or worsened.

You will need to provide additional evidence to support an extenuating circumstance claim. We will treat your ECs and any evidence you provide in the strictest confidence.

What to do if you have further queries or have a problem

Contact Disability Services, or your School Disability Coordinator.

If you have a problem during an exam such as if you are not sure about the submission time that will apply to you, contact your School office in the first instance.

Find out more information for all students about assessment support and extenuating circumstances.

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