Return to your studies in 2021

National lockdown: key messages

  • Stay at home wherever possible to begin your learning online unless your course requires you to attend in-person.
  • Continue to follow the national guidelines whether you are in Bristol or away from the city.
  • If you are in Bristol, stay here.
  • Update your current address so we can give you the right support and information.
  • Only socialise in your living circle or household whether you are in halls of residence or private accommodation.
  • Only go out for exercise, to get food or medical supplies, or for medical appointments.

Read the Department for Education's information for Students returning to, and starting higher education in spring term 2021 (PDF, 355 Kb).

Teaching, assessments and exams

Find out about teaching in week 12, Teaching Block 2, assessments and exams.

Get tested before you return to campus

If you are returning to campus, you should book two free COVID-19 tests. This includes students who have stayed in Bristol over the holidays.

  1. Book the first test for the day you return to Bristol
  2. Book the second test 3 to 5 days later
  3. After you have had your first test, limit contact with others
  4. Have your second test. If it is negative, you can return to campus safely.
  5. Find out what to do if you test positive and what support is available.

You will need to self-isolate for 10 days if you choose not to get tested when you return.

If you have already returned to Bristol

If you returned before the government announcement please:

  1. get tested if you haven't already. You will need to self-isolate for 10 days if you choose not to get tested when you return.
  2. stay in your accommodation
  3. follow the new lockdown guidance
  4. Update your address in Student Info so we can support you.

Accommodation fees

The government's national lockdown guidance requests you don't return to your term-time accommodation if you have spent the holidays somewhere else.

As a result of this, we are offering a 100% rent reduction for the period 1 February to 26 March for students who are not in halls. Find out more about the University residence rent rebate.

Tell us where you are currently living

Following the government announcement of the national lockdown, and the instruction for all students to stay in place, we want to ensure you get the support you need to continue with your course. Please update your current address so we can give you the right support and information.

Advice for postgraduate research students

We will clarify the situation regarding access to research facilities, and workspace for those of you who are not able to work from home as soon as possible.

Please continue to talk to your supervisor about the impact of this further lockdown on your wellbeing and research progress and any adjustments that can be made.

Continue to check your University email account regularly for updates. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email

Read more advice for postgraduate researcher students (PGRs).

Advice for international students travelling to the UK

Read our travel advice for international students travelling to the UK

Get tested

Get tested before you return to campus.

Undergraduate students on study and work abroad placements

Read our travel advice for students on study and work abroad placements

Clinically vulnerable students

If you are clinically vulnerable you should not travel, even if you have been told you are required on-campus for essential activities. Please stay at home and contact your school to discuss your options and the support that we can offer to you. 

Libraries and study spaces

All our libraries are closed, except for the Arts and Social Sciences Library which is open for urgent access only. Online Library support is still running.

Follow the Library's Twitter channel  and find out about library services during the January lockdown.

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