Therapeutic groups

Therapeutic groups can act as a support network and safe space to discuss your issues.

Groups can help you realise you are not alone in your struggles, validate your experiences and reduce feelings of isolation.

All groups meet for six weeks at the same time each week, apart from the women's group and managing change group. You should commit to attending all sessions. If you miss one, you will not be able to substitute it for a session in the next term.

They are led by counsellors and there are usually eight students in each group. Currently they take place by video call on Microsoft Teams.


How to join a group

If you want to join a group, tell us on the Request Wellbeing Support form.

If we decide that a therapeutic group is the right support for you, we will book a one-off appointment with a counsellor to discuss your needs before you join the group.

BAME group

This group provides a therapeutic space for Black, Asian, and minority ethnic students to explore themes such as self-esteem and belonging, and to celebrate difference. Through mutual support and therapeutic interventions, we work together to build resilience, confidence and self-worth.

Bereavement group

Coping with the loss of someone close can sometimes feel overwhelming. We may fear that we will burden others by talking, or that others may not understand. This group provides a safe space where you can talk with others about grief, offering mutual support and companionship through the journey of bereavement.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for anxiety group

CBT is a talking therapy that can help you to address problems by changing the way you think and behave. This group explores relaxation, tackling worry, problem solving and challenging negative thoughts to help you manage and decrease the symptoms of anxiety.

Managing change group

We support students who are managing times of change and transition.

Changes in life, such as routine, home life, study, living situation and relationships can all be difficult. You may feel different, struggle to make meaningful connections, and feel isolated and perhaps disconnected from others. This can impact your ability to study and learn.

With the support of the group, you will have an opportunity to explore these difficulties confidentially, helping you to live a more satisfying and fulfilled life.

This group is open to anyone who thinks they could benefit from it. It may be particularly helpful if you:

  • are a care leaver
  • are a final-year student
  • have any kind of disability
  • joined the University with a contextual offer
  • are a mature student

Each group runs for 12 sessions across two terms.

Relationships group

This small group offers a shared, confidential counselling space to talk with others about relationships with people such as friends, housemates, partners and loved ones, family, and tutors. There is also space to discuss the relationship we have with ourselves, including how we imagine others see us and how we perceive ourselves to be.

Other themes may include social anxiety, intimacy, self-confidence and self-esteem, conflict with others, social media, self-image and feeling marginalized or under-represented.

Women's group

A group for students in second year undergraduate and onwards who identify as women, including trans women. The group is designed for students experiencing ongoing difficulties that impact on student life.

This group helps women to:

  • come together and support each other
  • deepen their understanding of themselves and how they relate to others
  • become more aware of and address unhelpful patterns of emotion and behaviour
  • find greater choice of ways of being themselves as women.

Group members can talk about whatever concerns them. This is likely to include sensitive issues that women might struggle to speak about in a mixed gender setting.

Each group runs for 24 sessions across three terms.

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