Student feedback and representation

Your feedback

Making your views known is important as it can help to improve the university exprience for you and for future students. The University seeks feedback from students in the following ways:

  • feedback forms for individual teaching units
  • surveys on specific topics
  • 'course reps' in each school
  • Student Staff Liaison Committees
  • student representation on major University committees.

Student representation

Student representation is very important at Bristol. Staff and students work together at all levels to improve the student experience. You can have your say and bring about change by voting in elections, attending meetings or standing for election in academic societies, Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) or Union Committees and roles. 

Course reps

Every single course and year group has its own Course Rep whose main responsibility is to collate and communicate the views of their coursemates at termly SSLC meetings.

Acting as a Course Rep offers many opportunities:

  • networking with other Course Reps
  • gaining contacts and building relationships with University staff
  • developing key employability skills such as negotiation, assertiveness, problem-solving, teamwork and project planning
  • enhancing your CV and improving your confidence

Elected Course Reps will receive training and support from the Students' Union. Elections are in week three.

Become a representative

Find out more by contacting the Student Representation Coordinators at the Students' Union by emailing or visit the Bristol SU website.

You can also ask your course leader, or one of your lecturers, at the beginning of term about the opportunity to become a Course Rep.

Being a course rep is a fantastic opportunity to engage with staff and students alike and play an active role in influencing students' experience within the department.

Josh (School of Geographical Sciences), Course Rep.
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