Sexual consent e-induction materials

New undergraduate residents will have seen this as part of their e-induction prior to arriving at Bristol

The University of Bristol and Bristol Students’ Union (Bristol SU) are working together with the help of Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS) to raise awareness about sexual consent. This information includes resources that have been provided to the University by SARSAS. 

Sexual consent can sometimes be misunderstood and a number of myths surrounding sexual consent are commonplace in society.

The University and Bristol SU believe that this is an important issue, and we want to encourage our students to think about and discuss sexual consent.

When you arrive at the University you will have the chance to talk about sexual consent with the people you live with in organised workshops. This e-induction is designed to help you think about this important issue before you get here.

This section of the e-induction is about sexual consent. Some people may find some of the content challenging, especially if they have had a very difficult experience that relates to this issue, or they are aware of someone close to them who has. If this is the case and you do not wish to continue, you don't have to.

The workshops were developed with SARSAS and based on materials from Oxford University Students Union
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