Getting your medications

If you are taking regular medication but have never had it prescribed by us before you will need a routine doctor, nurse or pharmacist appointment to get your medication for the first time.

Once we have prescribed your medication and as long as the doctor or nurse deems it appropriate we can put these items on a repeat prescription and you will be able to order your medication without an appointment until your review is due. Please note that not all medications can be set up as a repeat prescription and require an appointment each time.

All repeat prescriptions are subject to a review period and this will vary depending on the medication. If you request your medication and the review date is overdue you will be notified to book an appointment, please let us know if you will run out of medication and we can organise an interim supply.

Ordering your repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in a number of ways:

The prescription can then be either:

Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS)

Students' Health Service now uses EPS and can send your prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice once you have nominated one. This service can be particularly useful if you have regular repeat prescriptions or if you need to have a prescripton sent to you while you are away from Bristol. For more information on EPS please ask at reception or your local pharmacy. Further information can also be found on the HSCIC website

Free prescriptions

Am I entitled to free prescriptions?