Research Staff 1:1 Appointments

Career guidance 1:1s are provided for research staff on Pathway 2, to give you the opportunity to review your career options; whether you're considering a future within academia or outside of academia. These sessions will give you an opportunity to talk through your career dilemmas with an impartial Research Development Officer, however to be clear, it is not career advice and you are not told what career we think is right for you.

Our Research Development Officers can offer you advice, support and practical solutions to help you navigate the next stage of your career. They can offer impartiality as they are not invested in the decisions you make, and do not have any pre-existing ideas about what course of action is best for you. This impartiality should enable you to find your own solutions.

This would also be a good first step if you are considering career coaching. The appointments will last 30 minutes, to enquire about availability please email

Is a 1:1 going to be useful for me?

Some staff use this service to discuss progressing within UoB and what steps they need to take to achieve their goals. Others use the time to explore their uncertainty with the University, to evaluate whether this is the right environment for them and to generate ideas for alternatives.

If you are thinking or feeling any of the following, then a 1:1 may help:

  1. I’ve decided my current job isn’t for me and I don’t know what to do
  2. What are my transferable skills?
  3. How do I find alternative careers?
  4. I don’t know what really matters to me
  5. I’m feeling very confused about my next career steps
  6. I’ve never really stopped and chosen my career
  7. How do I progress within the University?
  8. I’d like some help with preparing for interview

These sessions are not about being given the answer to these questions by someone else but about you exploring and considering your own solutions and who you have in your network who can support you. People who use the service report feeling an increase in their confidence, their clarity and their motivation to make changes.

How to ensure you get the most of your session:

  1. Take some time to think: Realise it is only 30mins, which will go in a flash, so think about what drew you to sign up to a session and consider what you want to focus on. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts are big or small it just matters that you’ve considered them. So, take out a pen and write down what you want out of the session and what questions you want to find answers to.
  2. Take a Pen: You should come out of the session with actions including people you could talk to or things to investigate further – so come to the session with a pen and paper so you can make notes.
  3. Have realistic expectations: You may want us to provide you with all the answers, we won’t but we will work with you to work out the answers - essentially these sessions are about you finding your own solutions.