Client feedback

At the end of counselling, we ask clients to complete an evaluation questionnaire to help us assess the practice of the Service.

These are extracts from previous clients' comments.

What has been most useful to you?

  • Support to me as a manager
  • Practical strategies allowing development
  • Someone to voice 'taboo' thought to
  • Introducing another / different perspective
  • Professional, impartial, non-judgemental
  • Help with thinking through a problem I felt was intractable
  • Developing clarity over the problem and seeing a way forward
  • Having someone with whom to work through thoughts and coping strategies
  • Help and support in finding my own solutions
  • I was able to get well and back to work much quicker through the support of the service
  • Being able to voice my own concerns and ideas completely honestly
  • It helped raise my self-esteem enough to look for a new job
  • Constructive advice
    Help in understanding and dealing with problems
    Giving me focus
  • Allowing me not to feel so alone
  • Reassurance in talking to an impartial outsider


  • nice inconspicuous location
  • the easily accessible yet discrete location is helpful

Other comments

  • A very well informed and supportive service that can make a real difference in this difficult time
  • Thanks to the University for offering this service. Will be eternally grateful that I was able to get the help I needed when I truly needed it the most
  • Having a safe environment to be honest in
  • Specific techniques to deal with anxiety. Helping me get a better perspective on life/job
  • Independent person to listen to my worries. I now have some strategies to cope and know you are there if I need you again
  • It was nice to hear and see things from a different angle. The counsellor was very friendly and easy to talk to, which made the whole experience comfortable
  • Someone to talk to who understands the University. She provided useful ‘tools’ to cope with my situation
  • Thank you so much for timely, compassionate and effective help
  • Practical advice. On-going sessions meant that problems were not put to one side or ignored
  • I wish I had gone to the counselling service sooner. I felt empowered when I left the first session