Sophie Kendall, BSc (Hons) Social Policy, 2011

I loved my time at the School of Policy Studies. The best thing was how approachable everybody was – I always felt as though those who taught us were genuinely interested in our work and our futures, and this made for brilliant academic and pastoral supervision. The course structure provided a broad overview as well as plenty of options units to match everyone’s interests. After graduating I was commissioned to write a report for a housing association outlining the changes emerging from the 2010/11 Localism, Health and Social Care and Welfare Reform Bills and interpreting their likely implications for housing associations.

I also worked with my third year dissertation supervisor at Bristol, to publish my dissertation work. I then returned to the UK to study MSc Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford. I have recently started working full-time at Oxfordshire County Council as a Policy and Partnership Officer, working across adult and children’s social care. I am grateful to the School for Policy Studies for inspiring and supporting me to follow my interests into a career in social care policy, and for teaching me the skills to do so.

Sophie Kendall
BSc Social Policy
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