Molly Sutcliffe, BSc Social Policy, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bristol, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering studying there.

Following university I was placed at Hft, a national learning disability charity, as part of the 12 month CharityWorks programme. Charityworks is a highly competitive leadership development programme which runs with the aim of helping graduates launch a successful career in the non-profit sector, through paid placements in participating organisations.

I took on a 'portfolio role' working alongside several departments at Head Office in various projects, which themes included, learning and development, policy recommendations and writing, communication and storytelling, the strategic development of the internal and external voice, and research into alternative models of support.

I now work as a Community Builder for the Barnwood Trust, a charitable foundation dedicated to making Gloucestershire an inclusive community for people with a disability or mental health problem.

Molly Sutliffe
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