Becky White, BSc Social Policy, 2012

Studying Social Policy at Bristol as a mature student gave me the confidence to move my career forward. The course provided a great foundation in all aspects of social policy which was of great benefit when given the opportunity to move on to specific areas of interest.

As many of the course tutors are also the authors of the key texts on a range of issues, there is a sense that the course content is very much at the cutting edge. The teaching and administrative staff where incredibly helpful as I had to balance full time study with work commitments. From my time in Bristol I gained a broad understanding of current social policy, experience of carrying out my own research and the chance to study abroad. These experiences have stood me in good stead to take on the many challenges of what I hope will be a rewarding career.

Since graduating in 2012 I have worked in senior management roles within the third sector and civil service. I am currently studying for the MSc in Public Policy at Bristol part time, whilst working full time for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, as the Head of the Inquiry Office for Wales.

Becky White
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