Justice, Inequality & Gender Based Violence



This ESRC funded research project addresses the knowledge gap that exists regarding justice, inequality and gender-based violence (GBV). The aim of the project was to address how ‘justice’ - in its wider sense- is understood, sought and experienced by victims-survivors and key practitioners, in order to widen the current debate of what ‘justice’ - in the context of GBV - means and to provide a more nuanced picture of what a realistic victim focused justice response would look like.

Over the last 30 months the team have collected and analysed a vast and diverse dataset (including 251 interviews with victims-survivors) exploring experiences of domestic violence and abuse, sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse, ‘honour’-based violence, stalking and harassment and abuse mediated by technology. It addresses perceptions and experiences of criminal, civil, family court, restorative justice; mediation and arbitration; informal justice, including family and community processes, revenge; political activism and volunteering etc.

We have paid close attention to the particular challenges and barriers to help-seeking and justice among different groups of victims-survivors and have identified positive practice (some of which has already being shared with civil and criminal justice agencies, and Government departments responsible for legal frameworks for justice). Our findings also recognise the important role that specialist services and advocates e.g. IDVAs /ISVAs /other advocates play in supporting those impacted by gender-based violence, irrespective of whether formal sources of justice have been achieved or not.

Our response to the Government's consultation on the Domestic Violence Bill (PDF, 116kB)

Objectives, research questions and methods

Objectives, research questions and methods (PDF, 63kB)

Research findings

Outputs, outcomes and impact (PDF, 184kB)


Policy evidence summary 1: Migrant women (PDF, 208kB)

Policy evidence summary 2: Protection orders domestic violence (PDF, 216kB)

Policy evidence summary 3: Specialist advocacy for domestic and sexual violence (PDF, 201kB)

Models of Justice (PDF, 379kB) - How is ‘justice’ understood, sought, and experienced by victims/survivors of genderbased violence? A review of the literature.

Victims' experiences of seeking justice (Office document, 52kB)

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