PS magazine

We produce PS magazine twice a year to highlight key findings from some of the wide range of research projects that we undertake at the School for Policy Studies.


PS Magazine Winter 2011

Winter 2011
(PDF, 1.2MB)

PS Magazine Spring 2010

Spring 2010
(PDF, 1.36MB)

PS Magazine Autumn 2009

Autumn 2009
(PDF, 2.1MB)

PS Magazine Spring 2009

Spring 2009
(PDF, 2.97MB)

PS Magazine Autumn 2008

Autumn 2008
(PDF, 2.22MB)

PS Magazine Spring 2008

Spring 2008
(PDF, 3.22MB)

PS Magazine Autumn 2007

Autumn 2007
(PDF, 3.17MB)

PS magazine Spring 2006

Spring 2006
(PDF, 1.14MB)

Through PS, we aim to maintain and develop collaboration and communication with research partners and funders so that we can continue to challenge and contribute to the knowledge base of policy and evaluate its impact and effectiveness. We hope you find something of interest to you in editions past and present and we value any suggestions or queries that you may have about our research or the magazine - see our contacts page for details.

If you would like to receive copies of PS, please let us know by writing to us or emailing us at

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