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Improving children's rights: School helps develop new diploma programme in Egypt and Jordan

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Funded by the European Union through the Tempus programme, this 3-year collaborative project will result in the introduction of a new Diploma in Public Policy and Child Rights to be taught in four universities in Egypt and Jordan with the aim of promoting a culture where children’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled through improved policies and practices in these countries.

Professor David Gordon, Dr Debbie Watson, Dr Patricia Lucas and Dr Eldin Fahmy from the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol, are collaborating with higher education institutions in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK (Research in Practice), UNICEF as well as two universities in Egypt and two in Jordan. The intention is to draw together expertise from across these partner organisations to educate professionals working for and with children in Egypt and Jordan through a postgraduate diploma.

The first objective is to build up a body of practitioners in these countries working with and for children who will use their skills and knowledge effectively to influence adequately funded and evidence-based public policies, programmes and practices which are firmly oriented at improving child rights.

By the end of the project, four universities in Egypt and Jordan will teach a diploma on child rights and public policy that bridges academic teaching and research to inform evidence-based policies and practice. This is due to start in October 2010.

To reach these objectives, the consortium of European and Arab universities will engage in the development of course contents for face to face and blended learning during the first year of the Diploma. In order to generate evidence and create learning material reflecting the situation in each one of the partner countries, the project partners will engage in participatory development of learning materials, small research workshops and international student programs.

Find out more on the Diploma in Public Policy and Child Rights website.

Further information:

Professor David Gordon is Professorial Research Fellow at the School's Centre for the Study of Poverty and Social Justice. He has researched and published widely in the fields of the scientific measurement of poverty, crime and poverty, childhood disability, area-based anti-poverty measures, the causal effects of poverty on ill health, housing policy and rural poverty. Dave is the Director of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research.

Dr Debbie Watson is Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies at the School's Centre for Research in Health and Social Care. Dr Watson is an experienced teacher in schools and in Higher Education and Programme Director for the BSc Childhood Studies programme at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include theorising identity and child well-being, sex education, ethical working with vulnerable children and interprofessional working in children’s services and schools.

Dr Patricia Lucas is a Senior Lecturer at the School's Centre for Research in Health and Social Care, researching and publishing in these fields: Early childhood development; educational, nutritional and social interventions and outcomes for children; child disability, poverty and deprivation; and inequalities in health.

Dr Eldin Fahmy is a Research Fellow at the School's Centre for the Study of Poverty and Social Justice and has researched and published in the fields of youth, citizenship and political participation; deprivation, social participation and citizenship; power, participation and community governance; community regeneration and social inclusion.