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The Getting Things Chnaged team would like to hear about your experiences.

You can share your stories with us by Email, and Twitter .

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We will also share our thoughts and findings with you through our Blog.

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Project Contacts

Administrative Support

Admin support is provided by Sarah Burrows-Weeks and the project email address is and you can email us at this address with any questions.

Strand One - Getting Good Support

Strand One is led by Prof. Val Williams who can be contacted by email 

Strand Two - Changing the Academy 

Strand Two is led by Wendy Merchant who can be contacted by email 

Strand Three - Reasonably Adjusting Health Services

Strand Three is led by Prof. Pauline Heslop who can be contacted by email 

Strand Four - Supporting Successful Parenting

Strand Four is led by Beth Tarleton who can be contacted by email 

Strand Five - Disabled People as Commissioners 

Strand Five is led by Bernd Sass from Disability Rights UK who can be contacted by email

Our Partners

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