Policy and Politics - 2016 annual lecture 'An honourable estate'

8 March 2016, 6.00 PM - 8 March 2016, 8.00 PM

Reverend Richard Coles

Wills Memorial Building - Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol

Ex-Communard, Reverend Richard Coles talks about same sex marriage and the Church: ‘An honourable estate’

Perhaps the most divisive and difficult issue for the Church of England is the issue of marriage - especially, but not only, same sex marriage, which threatens to undo the bonds that have tied us and has made headlines in mainstream as well as church media. Even though the secular world, at least in some places, has adjusted to husbands and husbands, and wives and wives without much difficulty, in the church it has been much more difficult. Clergy who offer blessings of same-sex unions in church have done so without the authority of their bishops - and one cleric, when he 'upgraded' his civil partnership to a marriage, received from his bishop not a blessing, but a date with for an Employment Tribunal. 

To set out the problems, and to explore possible ways through them, Richard Coles looks at marriage in the Church of England and asks how it may continue to be, as the Book of Common Prayer puts it, 'an honourable estate'.

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Organiser: Sarah Brown, Policy & Politics Journal Manager, University of Bristol.

For enquiries please email pp-lecture@bristol.ac.uk

Reverend Richard Coles

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