Rebecca Telfer, Judo, University of Bristol High Performance Team, BUCs Championship Winner

I have been doing judo since I was 10 and competing internationally for many years. Judo is a physical sport and can cause many niggles and injuries to the body. I acquired an ACL injury to my leg just prior to attending university. On arrival I went to the clinic for help. I met with Nina where she worked on the rehabilitation of my knee both before and after surgery, resulting in a knee which feels as good as new and can take the full impact of judo. Nina supported me and worked with me to achieve stability in my core, and retrained my body to move properly and get the maximum strength out of the movements.  Not only do I feel rehabilitated but stronger and better physically than before I had the knee injury. Within 4 months of returning to full sport I had won the BUCS Championships; I think it is fair to say that without Nina and the team of physios behind me that it would just not have been possible. It is important to note that there is consistency at the CSEH which one truly appreciates. I find it easy to make and book appointments with whom I want. If I can't see whomever I want I know that whoever I see understands my case as if they were treating me from the get go. The staff are friendly, helpful and brilliant at what they do. I can now rest assured and train hard knowing I have a good approachable physiotherapy team behind me.

Claire Hallissey - Bristol 10k and Cardiff 10k women's winner 2009, 3rd ranked UK female over half marathon distance 2010. 1st British Woman / 11th Woman - Virgin London Marathon April 2012.  Olympic Team London 2012.

I picked up an achilles injury in early Spring and as I had a few  important races coming up I kept running with the injury for a few weeks, meaning that I had quite a build up of scar tissue by the time I finally sought help and advice from the University Sports Medicine team.  I initially saw Nina for physio and after following her advice on types of cross-training to do, along with strengthening exercises and some ultrasound massage therapy, I soon noticed improvements in the injury and was back running within a fortnight of my first appointment.  I continued to see Nina for maintenance treatment and advice as I returned back to full training. This was invaluable in enabling me to return to my original weekly mileage without a recurrence of the injury.  During my return to full training I also saw Jenny for sports massage, which helped to make sure that my legs were in the best possible condition for training and also for racing the Bristol 10k.  Thanks to the support that I received from the Sports Medicine team I was fit enough to be able to race the Bristol 10k less than 3 weeks after my initial appointment with Nina, and in a time that was only 3 seconds slower than my best over the distance.  This performance meant that I finished 3rd overall lady in the race, and I was 2nd in the UK competition.


Brigid Harty - University of Bristol staff member and member of the GB Ultimate (Frisbee) women’s squad to compete at World Championships in Sakai, Japan in July 2012.  Silver medallist at European Ultimate Championships 2011.

I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee competitively for nearly 8 years and it’s the kind of sport that really takes a toll on your body.  I’ve had the occasional injury before moving to Bristol, and I’ve always valued the role of a physiotherapist.  I received treatment at university as a student and now I’m a firm believer that the Bristol University Sports Medicine Clinic is a great place to receive treatment.  I went to the University of Bristol Sports Medicine Clinic for treatment for both long term repetitive strain injuries, as well as two new specific injuries.  Nina, my physiotherapist, has been exceptionally helpful and she’s always looking out for new techniques to help me out.  Nina has always adopted a style of treatment that is suited to my attitude and to my sport perfectly.  The free lunchtime sessions are great, they really give you the opportunity to stay committed to your rehab plan.  Aside from my injuries, once I made the national squad in Spring 2011 we were advised to get sports massages on a regular basis to help our muscles deal with the high level of training.  The massage I receive from the Clinic, along with specific exercises, really helps to keep the repetitive strain injuries at bay and helps me to perform at my maximum capacity.

Sarah Sampson, staff member, University of Bristol

In April 2009 my doctor diagnosed the severe pain down the back of my left leg as Sciatica and prescribed strong pain killers and sleeping pills.  He also recommended physiotherapy treatment and referred me to Southmead Hospital Physiotherapy Unit.  A week later I had not received any communication, much less an appointment.  Pain killers were little help and so I applied to the University Sports Medicine Clinic for an immediate appointment with one of their Physiotherapists.  The very next day I saw one of the University Physiotherapists who diagnosed a potential disc problem, and requested my Doctor to arrange for me to see a Neurology Consultant.  Following an MRI scan this diagnosis was confirmed.  I have continued to receive treatment and invaluable advice from the University Physiotherapist on a regular basis.

On the recommendation of my Physiotherapist at the Sports Medicine Clinic I attended weekly appointments with a Sports Masseur.  These sessions, together with the exercises she recommended, have been invaluable in reducing the pain and discomfort.

In August 2009 the Physiotherapist agreed that I could start sessions at the gym once a week with my Personal Trainer.  Consultation took place between them both and exercises were set for me under my Trainer’s supervision, to ensure correct techniques and the prevention of any further damage to my back.

I have continued with all of the above treatments for several months now and during that time a transformation has taken place!  Twice a week I am independently walking/running on the treadmill, and once a week circuit training with my Personal Trainer.  The improvement in my condition is unbelievable!

I am now living a normal life, completely free of pain, solely due to the help, advice and treatment received from this ‘team’ of professionals who have worked in unison to effect my full recovery. It is impossible for me to adequately express my thanks and gratitude to these three amazing professionals.