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We're recruiting Sports Activators for 2019/20

The class of 2018/19

24 May 2019

Here’s what just a few of our current Activators say about working with us: 


“Being an Activator this year has been a huge highlight of my time in Bristol, it’s so much more than just a job. We receive so many opportunities from the team, and even better, we give opportunities to other students by helping classes run and encouraging students to join in and keep going! It truly is fantastic what the University offers to students in terms of the classes and facilities they provide. My experience as an Activator has been nothing short of amazing and I have learned so much from working with a lovely team where we all support each other!” 


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an Activator both from meeting and interacting with new people but also seeing the benefits different classes I’ve activated have on students. I have enjoyed the social aspect of the B:Active Residences classes, and seeing students become more confident in themselves. I have also been involved with Game Changers, which is an important programme providing students with opportunities to volunteer, as well as helping them develop core skills that are transferable to all aspects of future life.” 


“I really enjoy being an Activator as it gives me an opportunity to try out classes I’d never considered before, like Box HIIT and Piloxercise which are both so much fun! I feel B:Active Residences especially has helped make exercise more accessible to everyone, including those who either can’t afford expensive memberships or perhaps find a gym environment a little intimidating. But it’s never just about the exercise, I find people coming to my classes to socialise too!” 


Please send any general enquiries to 

Further information


Please send a CV with a cover letter answering the three questions below to by 9am on Friday 31st May 2019*. 

  1.  Why do you see the role of Activator as important and why would you like to be involved? (150 words maximum) 
  2.  What experiences, training and qualifications do you have that would make you an exceptional candidate? (200 words maximum) 
  3.  Which key skills and attributes will you bring to the role – please give examples (200 words maximum) 

For more information, including the Job Description and Person Specification please download the Activator application pack (Office document, 26kB) and Activator Job Description (PDF, 110kB)

*Please note that depending on the number of Activators recruited there may be opportunities to apply later in the year.