Indoor Sports Centre redevelopment project

We are delighted to announce that a £4.9 million redevelopment of the Indoor Sports Centre will become the first stage in the University’s exciting project to remodel Tyndall Avenue to become the welcoming heart of the campus.

Project details

We have been reconfiguring the building, managed by Capital Projects, to make much-needed improvements to the current layout and increasing the capacity of the Gym by 30% to enable us to meet the demands of future student and staff numbers.

Work began in March and will be completed in September. The Indoor Sports Centre remains open throughout the refurbishment with gym facilities, exercise classes, and the Sports Hall all still available.


Our B:Active Pulse exercise classes will continue to operate and we have worked hard to accommodate as many classes as we can throughout the refurbishment. They have been relocated from the studios to the other half of the Sports Hall. This enables us to offer greater capacity per class, so there will be more places available, but we have had to streamline the programme accordingly. Here is a copy of the class timetable for the refurbishment. 


We will be able to offer three weightlifting platforms in the temporary gym during the redevelopment.  We have purchased three new state-of-the-art lifting platforms which dramatically reduce the impact on the Sports Hall floor, allowing them to be operated safely.  Therefore, members will still be able to enjoy their weight-lifting sessions with us during the redevelopment.

Sports Medicine Clinic

The Sports Medicine Clinic has moved temporarily to the nearby Biomedical Teaching Labs (follow link for map), with its own separate reception area.

Sports Hall

We have had to reduce the capacity of the sports hall by half because of the gym equipment being moved. We have also had to move the exercise classes onto the free half, so this does mean that use will be restricted. Once the summer exam period starts we can release some of the time allocated for student club training and make this available for other bookings and some extra classes.

Every effort has been made to minimise the impact of the project on our members and we hope that you will be delighted by the new and improved provision when it is completed in the Autumn.


To provide additional capacity in the gym, the Chandos Deli concession has closed but there is an alternative branch nearby on Cotham Hill. A new University catering offer, ‘The Garden café,’ has opened outside the Hawthorns, offering great coffee just two minutes down the road.

New facilities

Find out more about the new and improved facilities available this Autumn

Class timetable during refurbishment

B:Active Pulse timetable summer (PDF, 472kB)