This Girl Can 2019

18 November 2019, 9.00 AM - 24 November 2019, 5.00 PM

Indoor Sports Centre, Tyndall Avenue Richmond Building, Queen's Road Coombe Dingle Sports Complex

As part of This Girl Can from Sport England, the University of Bristol is hosting This Girl Can week from 18-24 November 2019.

Together with the Bristol SU, we're putting on a range of free activities and events for female students (and some for female staff too) to take part in.

Whether you're super sporty or more of a social swimmer, we've got activities for everyone, with fitness classes such as yoga and carnival fitness, sports club taster sessions, and a girls-only take-over of the entire gym!


  • When can I book? You'll be able to book online from the 11th November, 7 days in advance of each session.
  • How can I book? Once you've logged in, all sessions on the online booking system will be under the ‘This Girl Can’ category.  Even if you don't have a membership, you still have an online account with us, so just log in using your single sign-on details.  
  • Can I just turn up on the day? We recommend you book to secure a space. We can not guarantee entry if you do not book online.  Except for the 'watch a match live' sessions which you can just turn up for.  
  • What should I wear? For most sessions trainers and comfortable clothing is appropriate. If your session is at the pool, take swimwear and a swim hat if you want one. 
  • Do I need to have any experience of the sport or activity to join in? No, this is the time to try something new! If you’re taking part in activities at the pool you do need to be able to swim.  
  • How much does it cost? All sessions are free! 
  • Which sessions are open to staff?  The mass Carnival Fitness on Monday morning and the mass Yoga on Friday morning.
  • What is the Gym Takeover? For two hours we’re closing the gym to male members and taking over! Come and chat to women who regularly use the gym and get hints on tips on how to use the equipment. Always wanted to lift weights but not sure how? We’ll show you! 
  • Will there be men at the sessions? Sessions with * on the timetable may have a male instructor/male member of staff on duty at the venue. 

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