Live well

Live well - what does that mean exactly? Well, from a health perspective it simply means making lifestyle choices on a day to day basis that enable you to feel physically and mentally well.

These daily choices have a big effect on your quality of life, your work and studies, how you feel about yourself, your general outlook on life and of course your health and wellbeing - both now and in the future.

What does healthy living look like to students and staff?

Philip Bruland's winning entry for the Picture of Health competition.

Our picture of health campaign highlighted many examples. In essence it is a combination of different things that help you live well including being active, eating well, managing stress and having fun. The key is finding a balance - having realistic expectations of yourself, your time and of others around you. Making progress is what's important, not perfection.

  • Wellbeing
    The five ways to wellbeing offer a useful, practical model this balance and support your wellbeing. Explore how you can enable yourself to flourish.
  • Relax, refuel, refresh
    Your health and wellbeing are particularly important during busy times such as exam and assessment periods. Giving consideration to your wellbeing will help you function effectively.
  • Healthy workplace
    Active, healthy people tend to be more positive about life and work, so we encourage more staff to be proactive about their health and lifestyle. Tailored programmes of support are available for department, school and faculty groups.