Inger Thommessen

"I previously studied BSc Politics and Social Policy at the University of Bristol. I really enjoyed the city as well as the academic environment when I attended as an Undergraduate. I chose to study the MSc in Development and Security as it combines the best of two worlds. You can really appreciate the complexity that the two have in relation to each other and international politics. My favourite aspect of studying was the community, the vibe and the academic staff.

Bristol is a big and small city simultaneously. If offers a wide range of activities and interests to pursue, but within the larger city you feel very closely connected.

The University is very helpful in providing support to international students, but more importantly everyone at the University will gladly help you if there are any issues along the way. You will never feel like you have been left to fend for yourself.

I am now working as a Consultant for the Municipality of Oslo, Norway."

Inger Thommessen, MSc in Development and Security (2013-14)
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