Quote of the Month

Our qualitative interviews generate rich data, much of which is yet to be fully analysed. You can find some of this data in our presentations which can be found in our publications and conference papers and dissemination eventpages. This page, however, is dedicated to the numerous quotes which have made us laugh and cry yet also made us ponder. Thus, we will be sharing our "quote of the month" here for everyone to share the enjoyment we get from the extremely insightful students that is our 'paired peers'.

Quote of the Month

June 2013:

"Like I want to feel like what I do helps someone else and isn’t just for my own gain, which is difficult because the workforce is set up to encourage you to go for your own interests and gain. But yeah I just want to feel like I help people."


May 2013:

Nicola: OK and is there anything more the university could do to help you to get a job?

Harry: I don’t know how much that burden kind of falls on the university anyway.  I think it’s a bit dangerous to try, a lot of people [are] trying to sort of turn them into job shops, which I don’t think it’s something that they should be.  I think it’s a place where you learn, you work out for yourself what you want to do and you concentrate on making yourself employable and getting the skills for yourself rather than being directed. I mean there’s such an emphasis on these finance positions anyway.  I think if they tried to do more I think a lot of people might even feel pushed into it. So I think it’s down to students to go out and see what they want to do.  I think the university should just be a place where you work out what you want to do and you learn for yourself

April 2013:

[on the change he would like to see in our society]

Sean: More equitable society. Less economically focused. Less money focused in sort of all areas, more focused on quality of life. More tolerant, less willing to wage war. Yeah more tolerant and accepting of minorities or the dissenting views, or alternative ways of life. Yeah probably that.

Jessie: OK, sounds nice, I would come and live in your society.

March 2013:

"In my view, the issues explored in this study are significant, making sense of the ways in which a student's social background has an impact on their experiences at university and, in turn, how the opportunities presented to them during study might shape their future prospects. The study encourages an evaluation of an imperfect and unbalanced education system."


February 2013:

"I don’t know because I didn’t know whether we should be reading or anything beforehand. I was kind of like....no-one in my family had really been to university and I was like “I don’t know what to do”. It was really strange. But it’s fine. You just get used to it".


January 2013:

"I wanted to get into like volunteering for like schools and stuff, like going into secondary schools and helping out (…) because when I leave university I want obviously something more on my CV than just likeIve got a degree”"


December 2012:

[on the difference between UWE and UoB students]....

"This is just generalising but mainly youre going to be from different social backgrounds, youre more likely to be working class and go to UWE than working class and go to Bristol Uni. Thats just I think our perception of it. And so if you go out, if theres a group of people, you generally spot by the way they talk, what clothes theyre wearing.kind of.you can spot students anyway I think, you can generally tell theyre Bristol Uni or theyre UWE."

(Adele, UWE)

November 2012:

"I chose Biology because it was a science degree and I reckon that that’s probably more employable than something creative (…) I just think it will be easier to get [into] banking or something like that. (…) Not really a lot of soul or anything worthwhile, but that’s for later in life, eventually once I’ve made my fortune I’ll go and save some pandas or something with my Biology degree"


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