Information for prospective undergraduates

The School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS) provides a vibrant and exciting learning environment for academically-talented students from a diverse range of backgrounds, in the UK and beyond.  We have a strong commitment to teaching and learning in the School and an international reputation for the link between our research and teaching.  Our degree programmes provide an opportunity to work with the some of the most prominent scholars in the fields of sociology, politics and international studies across a range of cutting edge taught units.

SPAIS is a thriving academic community in which you can expect close contact with your tutors and spirited debate with your peers. We have a long history of providing a friendly and supportive environment to our students, and offer a range of exciting activities beyond our formal teaching programme: from reading groups, to research seminars, to visiting speakers and pre-graduation skills study programmes.

SPAIS is an exciting place in which to study, and Bristol a wonderful city in which to live.  These web pages are intended to give a flavour of our current activities.  We hope that you will find your virtual visit interesting, informative and enjoyable.  If, you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on study is also a very useful source of information for prospective students.

What our undergraduates say

Jessica - Politics & Sociology BSc

"I chose to study Politics and Sociology at Bristol University as I felt the course suited my needs and interests perfectly."

Graduate JessicaThe range of modules available to study allows me to structure and focus my degree around the things that interest me the most. Moreover, the huge amount of research undertaken in SPAIS means that lecturers and teaching staff are not only very knowledgeable, but also actively engaged in their subjects, and I believed (correctly) that this would provide an excellent learning environment.

What our undergraduates say

Henry - Politics BSc

"Without question what was particularly notable about SPAIS was the quality of the teaching."

Graduate HenryThe courses were not only very rigorous in their academic standards but extremely engaging, and had clearly been put together with a huge amount of thought and effort. This level of investment on the part of the teaching staff was really inspiring.

What our undergraduates say

Josie - Sociology BSc

"Bristol is a very values-driven city."

Graduate JosieIt's well known for its support of local enterprise and commerce, environmental awareness and climate action, food waste and recycling initiatives, homelessness, and human rights causes (particularly trafficking and teaching about its own roots in the transatlantic slave trade). Bristol is also rich in culture: from its underground music and spoken word scene, alternative and independent cafés, bars and restaurants, and street art, galleries, museums or historical sites. Being a student in Bristol is an experience full with depth, diversity, learning, and exploring.