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Best doctoral research thesis 2015-2016 prize awarded to Nicholas Jepson

26 October 2016

The University has just announced the prizewinners for the best PhD theses of 2015-16 within each faculty. In the case of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, the prize has been won by our very own Nicholas Jepson. Dr Jepson was the first graduate from the SWDTC's Global Political Economy stream, and he was supervised by Prof Jeffrey Henderson (SPAIS) and Dr Malcolm Fairbrother (School of Geographical Sciences). His examiners were Prof Robert Wade (LSE) and Dr Ryerson Christie (SPAIS). 
Dr Jepson´s thesis on ‘China and the Transformation of Accumulation in the Global South’, examined the relationship between China's economic need for 'hard' commodities (minerals, including oil and gas) and the way these demands provided the budgetary flexibility for some developing countries to deflect, or resist, neoliberal development strategies that would otherwise have been imposed upon them by external agencies. His examiners described his thesis as 'the best piece of scholarship that either of the examiners have had the pleasure of reading in the past five years’. 
During his studies, Dr Jepson spent three months each at the Universities of Wisconsin at Madison and California at Santa Barbara and after graduation he was a Teaching Fellow in Development Politics at the University of Leeds. He has recently been appointed to a Lectureship in International Development in the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester. 
Congratulations to him and his supervisors. 


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