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Multiculturalism essential to migration challenges

Professor Tariq Modood's new report, launched by the British Academy on 9 February 2012, suggests that models of integration need to be tailored to different migrant groups at the first of the Dialogue Society's HardTALK series.

In the event, ‘Multiculturalism: has it a future?’, Professor Modood will be interviewed by David Goodhart, Founder of Prospect Magazine and Director of think tank Demos, at the Dialogue Society’s headquarters in London.

Professor Modood says, "Minority groups and individuals vary.  For many an individual-based approach to integration or a mixing of identities will be attractive, but more community-oriented groups such as Muslims will in addition require a more group-based multiculturalist approach."

The report, ‘Post-immigration ‘difference’ and integration: The case of Muslims in Western Europe’, will be available at the event or can be downloaded from the British Academy website.