GRC Research Seminar - Dr Ana Dinerstein (University of Bath): ‘Women on the Verge: Affirming life in a world in crisis’

30 January 2019, 1.00 PM - 30 January 2019, 2.00 PM

LG3 10 Priory Rd

Dr Ana Dinerstein (University of Bath) will be discussing ‘Women on the Verge: Affirming life in a world in crisis’

Date: 30th January 2019

Time: 1-2pm

Venue: LG3 10 Priory Rd


In recent years, explicit attacks are being made on women from so many angles and throughout so many aspects of our lives. The response has been an impressive demonstration of women’s resistance worldwide initiating new waves of struggles against a new phase of patriarchal capitalism. In this paper, I suggest that today women are vital parts of the formation of a new radical political subject in-the-making, which is communal, decolonial, democratic, ethical, ecological, plural, prefigurative, subaltern. The context for the emergence of this plural subject with a leading role of women in it is a ‘general crisis of social reproduction’, i.e. ‘a crisis and widespread vulnerability…that has opened an incredible number of struggles around social, economic, resource and survival, which have put the struggle for life in the center of politics.’ (Zechner and Hansen). We are the emergence of new women-led cooperative projects across the world today related to new forms of production and consumption, radical ecologies and pedagogies, experimentation with new economic possibilities: all these are concrete processes of anticipation of a better future in the present. We are also witnessing the development of a new ‘prefigurative’ critical feminism with women on the verge of producing an embodied and experiential critique of capitalist patriarchal coloniality by affirming life in a system of destruction. Affirming must not be confused — as it often is — with “positivising” feminist resistance. While positivisation accommodates to the new reality, affirmation is a practice that negates by committing itself to the creation of alternative forms of the social reproduction of life. The negation of present reality makes it possible to get involved in the anticipation of concrete utopias connected to alternative forms of social reproduction, and bring about real possibility. WoV’s affirmative critical praxis navigate the material contradictions entailed in the struggle against capital. WoV’s critical feminism not only engages with the main tenets of social reproduction feminism, but ventures beyond it, engaging with the reality of the not yet and anticipating concrete utopias in the present. In this way, WoV offer a social reproduction feminism that is also, and mainly, prefigurative.

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