Information for current students

Welcome to the section of our website for current students.  Here you will be able to find detailed information on your programme of study and supporting documents such as your handbooks and the SPAIS study guide, as well as a wealth of other useful material.

One of the great advantages of being at a research-led institution such as SPAIS, with the calibre of students that we recruit, is that we form a lively and participative community of scholars: staff, undergraduates, postgraduates and research students.  We want you to become active contributors to our academic community here at Bristol.  SPAIS runs a range of different activities and events in which we hope you will participate, including research seminars, reading groups, visiting speaker lectures and conferences.  Please keep an eye on the 'News and Events' sections of our website to see what's going on and how you can sign up for it.

All members of academic staff who are not on research leave hold two office hours a week in term time.  I would encourage you to make good use of these.  All staff are available to see students at these times - it does not matter whether you are currently in one of their taught units or if they are not your personal tutor.  So, if you are working on, or merely interested in, something in which one of the academic staff has expertise, then by all means go and speak to them about it - we would be delighted to see you.

Professor Mark Wickham-Jones
Director of Teaching and Learning