Open Units in the University Wide Language Programme


Complete this form on-line and submit using the "Send" button.

Please ensure you follow all instructions as incomplete or incorrect forms will delay your unit allocation.

The deadline for submitting your form is Friday 26 September 2018.

Credit Points

You can only register for this unit if it is part of your 120/130 credit point programme. You must check this before you enrol. If you exceed 120 (130 for Engineering students) you will be withdrawn from the unit.

This unit can be taken as follows:

  • 20 credit unit: will run for TB4 (weeks 1-24)

Please note: the ab initio unit is a 20 credit point unit

Personal details

Is this unit part of the Study in Continental Europe programme?


Language and Qualifications

Please select from the drop down list which language you wish to study

Please indicate from the selection below your level of competence for the language you are requesting to study:
Beginner (Ab initio) - 20 credit points only*
Pre-intermediate (Post GCSE/A2)
Intermediate (Post A Level/B1 & B2)

Have you studied a language before?


If yes, at what level/qualification:


By submitting this form, I confirm that this is the first time I have taken this open unit at the University of Bristol and understand that I cannot withdraw after Friday 12 October 2018.

The School of Modern Languages makes every effort to accommodate open units requested from the University Wide Language Programme but due to timetabling constraints, this on occasion may not be possible. Unit choices will only be confirmed once timetabling constraints have been checked.

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