Screen Research @ Bristol

Events 2011-12


24 Jan, 5pm, Brandt cinema, Dept Drama


Dr Richard Misek (Bristol): Mapping Rohmer project


25 Jan, 4.15pm, Lecture room, Dept Drama


Prof Stephen Bottoms, University of Leeds: Theatre, Utopia and Apocalypse: some notes on a changing environment


15 Feb, 4.30pm, Wickham Theatre, Drama

Q&A with Michael Winterbottom: Sarah Street and filmmaker Michael Winterbottom


29 Feb, 5pm, Wickham Theatre, Drama

George Brandt Lecture

Prof Stella Bruzzi: Documentary (title tbc)


7 March, 4.15, Lecture Room

Seminar, Drama

Paul Geary: A Performance-flavoured discussion




Wednesday 2 November 2011, 16.15 (Lecture Room / Drama, Theatre, Film, Television)

Dr John Gibbs on 'The Cry of an Owl' (2009): The making of a contemporary feature film


Saturday, 3 December 2011, 17.00, Wickham Theatre, (Department of Drama Theatre, Film, Television)

Greece and Rome in silent cinema: a screening of archival films with live music accompaniment

In the first four decades of cinema, hundreds of films were made that drew their inspiration from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Bible. Few of these films have been studied, and even fewer have received critical attention. No one has yet attempted to collate the large number of surviving silent films set in antiquity or analyze them as a group despite their many commonalities (of actors, directors, studios, and mode of representation). The films in question, ranging from historical and mythological epics to adaptations of ancient drama, burlesques, animated cartoons, and documentaries, suggest a preoccupation with the ancient world that competes in intensity and breadth with that of Hollywood's classical era.

This screening provides a small sample of rarely seen archival films set in ancient Greece and Rome from the collections of the British Film Institute National Archive and the Dutch EYE Film Institute. The screening will be introduced by Pantelis Michelakis (Senior Lecturer in Classics, University of Bristol) and Maria Wyke (Professor of Latin, University College London). The films will be accompanied on the piano by Stephen Horne, long considered as one of the leading silent film accompanists.

Seminar series: World Cinemas

Forthcoming events:

1 Feb, 4pm, LGF1, Senate House

WUN virtual seminar: World Cinemas series

Professor John Corner, University of Leeds: Documentary and the Dimensions of Reference


14 March, 4pm, LGF1, Senate House

WUN virtual seminar: World Cinemas series

Dr Sandra Ponzesi, Utrecht University: Literature and Cinema: Postcolonial Adaptations


2 May, 4pm, LGF1, Senate House

WUN virtual seminar: World Cinemas series

Professor Jonathan Rayner, University of Sheffield: Cinema and Landscape


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