Screen Research @ Bristol




Seminar series: World Cinemas

    19 Oct 2011: The End of the Other: Ethics and Physical Cinema

    16 Nov 2011: Image and History

    1 Feb 2012: Documentary and the Dimensions of Reference

    14 Mar 2012: Literature and Cinema: Postcolonial Adaptations

    2 May 2012: Cinema and Landscape





Series convenor: Professor Lúcia Nagib

Time: 16:00-18:00h

Venue: Roger Stevens Building, LT 16 (tbc), University of Leeds



20 October 2010 : ‘Film and Modernity’

Dr Ben Singer, University of Wisconsin Madison

(held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)


17 November 2010: ‘Neurocinema’

Professor Murray Smith, University of Kent

(held at the University of Leeds)


02 February 2011: ‘Film and Industry’

Dr Stephanie Dennison, University of Leeds

(held at the University of Leeds)


16 March 2011: ‘Film and Favelas: Space, Gender and Everyday Life’

Professor Lúcia Sá, University of Manchester

(held at the University of Leeds)

The seminar will compare 21st-century depictions of Brazilian favelas, focusing specifically on Fernando Meirelles’s Cidade de Deus (2002) and Tata Amaral’s Antonia (2006). It will examine the treatment of space in both films, paying particular attention to how it relates to issues of gender and everyday life.


04 May 2011: ‘British Cinema and Colour Technologies’

Professor Sarah Street, University of Bristol

(held at the University of Bristol)