Czech and Slovak Undergraduate Programmes in the UK

The Masaryk Lecture 2016

Gabriela Dudeková:'Playing War': Children and Propaganda in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918

The Forum's annual Masaryk Lecture was delivered by Professor Gabriela Dudeková from the Institute of Historical Studies at the Slovak Academy of Sciences at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London on March 3rd 2016.

In her fascinating and warmly received lecture, she introduced the audience to a range of materials reflecting how Austria-Hungary sought to influence children's attitudes to war during the First World War. These included, for example, not only posters and pamphlets, but also children's drawings and a psychological survey detailing children's views. At first, these materials prompted some audience amusement, but quickly the full horror of what we were being shown took hold. 

The Forum would like to thank Professor Dudeková for her excellent presentation, and the Slovak Embassy for making the lecture possible and hosting us so generously.

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