Lee's story

When Lee missed the terms of his offer at the University by one grade, clearing gave him a second chance to come to Bristol. We caught up with Lee to hear about his experience of university clearing.

What were the circumstances that led you to apply to Bristol through clearing?

Bristol was my firm choice when I applied to study Law. I had previously been on a two-year Pathways to Law course at the University of Bristol, so I knew that the University was for me. Waking up on results day, I had missed my offer by one grade (and by only two marks in that grade), so I felt pretty helpless at that point - my insurance choice university had also declined me.

After I had received my results, I called the University of Bristol to see if anything could be done. Looking on the Clearing and Results website, I did see that there were some places left on different courses, some which I had never heard of before, including my current degree, BSc Social Policy.

How did you decide what to do next?

It was a pretty clear decision for me; I was either going to take a year out and decide what I wanted to do, or I was going to the University of Bristol. Thankfully, I was able to get some great advice from both my school and the Student Recruitment team at the University, by going to the website and calling the Clearing hotline. This enabled me to take the plunge and apply for BSc Social Policy at Bristol, all on results day.

What was applying through clearing like?

The application process through clearing was actually pretty quick and easy. UCAS did almost all of the work - it was just a case of phoning the University to check that I was eligible, and to see if there was a possibility that they would accept me on the course.

I found out within the space of a few days that I had a confirmed place, and received regular updates on my clearing application through UCAS and the Student Recruitment team at Bristol.

Why did you choose Bristol?

I chose Bristol because it was the perfect environment for me. I love the mix of a student campus right in the middle of a city like Bristol. There are so many students, and so much opportunity for socialising and work outside the University. I could see myself being very happy as a student here, and having been here for two years now, I was right. Being a student at a world leading university has opened so many opportunities - I am currently on an internship with Deloitte (one of the 'Big 4' professional services firms), and I even had to turn down other opportunities.

I have no doubt that this was the right decision for me; the University of Bristol has something for everyone.

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