The Responsive Web Project Team

I'm really excited to be working with such a great team delivering this pivotal project and look forward to meeting you soon. I commute to the office from Cheltenham and own a folding bike that's not a Brompton. Come the weekend I enjoy early morning trips to the park with my two year old son, Henry.

Alex Pardoe, Project Manager

Like so many other thirty-plus men I've recently started riding bicycles for fun, which has caused much Lycra-based consternation among friends and family members. I spend a lot of time staring into the distance, pondering things. I still haven't found many answers. My daughter is three and she is already smarter than me.

James Corbett, Web and New Media Officer

I enjoy figuring out how things work, usually by fixing something that's broken. This has become particularly useful since my toddler has developed a habit of throwing things across the room and saying 'Oh dear!', as if it was an inexplicable accident. Most of my understanding comes from Youtube.

Duncan Coutts, Web Support Officer

I have a good supply of Star Wars jokes and bake great fairy cakes. I love a bit of detail, the outdoors and all things French, although not necessarily all together, and am trying to grow tomatoes.

Vicky Gierat, Web Support Officer

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