Migration guide

The Project team will be reviewing and migrating website content faculty-by-faculty, school-by-school. We started with Biomedical Sciences in August 2016 and will complete all faculty and school migrations by the end of 2017.

Working with you

The Responsive Web Project team will work closely with your faculty, meeting first with the Faculty Manager to provide an overview of all sites within the faculty, and then with individual Site Owners (e.g. School Managers), Site Admins (e.g. SEAs) and Web Publishers (e.g. other staff with a responsibility to update content) to help you prepare for the migration.

By working together we will make sure that the migration of your web content is a seamless and quick experience with limited impact upon your day to day workload. Ultimately it will mean that you are delivered a responsive site and empowered to use it to achieve your goals.


We provide training to all staff members who use T4 Site Manager to update your site(s), initially we set up a meeting of about an hour with the main Site Admin and select Web Publishers to walk them through the use of the nine main content types. We do this AFTER we've migrated your site so that the examples and the training content is specific to your site.

We've developed a new training course which replaces the classroom-based course provided by IT Services. From 13th March 2017, staff can sign up via Eventbrite to access an online training course hosted on Blackboard. This new course provides staff with three distinct components:

  1. Best practice principles
  2. Web governance
  3. T4 Site Manager

Staff successfully completing the course may be granted Moderator access at the discretion of their line manager/Site Owner.

There's more information about training on the Web style guide pages.

Keeping you informed

The Project team will keep everyone up-to-date with information relating to their site's migration: timetabling, tasks required, details of when further communications will be sent etc. This will be carried out through email and one-to-one meetings.

Schedule (2017)

Faculty of Arts

Reports and meetings - February to mid-March

Migration work - mid-March to end of May

Faculty of Engineering

Reports and meetings - mid-March to end of May

Migration work - June/July

Faculty of SSL

Reports and meetings - end of May to mid-July

Migration work - mid-July to mid-August

Megasites (those with over 300 pages of migration content)

Reports and meetings - July/August

Migration work - mid-August to December

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email us:

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