“The Responsive Web project will improve the quality, consistency, ease of maintenance and sustainability of the University’s website by delivering an improved user experience across devices whilst reducing the time and effort required to publish high quality content.”

The Responsive Web Project (RWP) team are migrating content published on the University’s public-facing website to mobile responsive templates in T4 Site Manager content management system (CMS).

This website explains the 'why, how and when' of the project itself. Please take a look around. You will find:

Our approach

Only content published in T4 Site Manager will be migrated, but with tens of thousands of pages currently live it is a very large project runing over a relatively short period of time. We will work with Site Owners, endeavouring to make sure that the impact upon your time will be minimal. 

The project will be run faculty by faculty, taking a phased approach that will visit each site in turn over approximately four months per faculty. For full details of the process and requirements visit our migration guide.

Our aims

During the project we will meet and work closely with over one thousand Web Publishers, Site Owners and Site Administrators across the University. That's a lot of meetings, no doubt fuelled by a lot of coffee. Once we have finished working with you we will create an improved web presence by:

  • creating a more consistent web presence on your website;
  • removing or revising weak or outdated content;
  • training you in the new easy to use web templates;
  • delivering a content strategy and web governance policy, making responsibilities more clearly defined.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email us:

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