Vision for research and enterprise

University Research and Enterprise Strategy 2009-2016

The University of Bristol’s mission is 'to pursue and share knowledge and understanding, both for their own sake and to help individuals and society fulfil their potential'. This is underpinned by a vision where the University of Bristol is an international powerhouse of learning, discovery and enterprise, whose excellence is acknowledged locally, nationally and globally, and that is:

  • dedicated to academic achievement across a broad range of disciplines, and to continuous innovation and improvement
  • research-intensive, supporting both individual scholarship and interdisciplinary or thematic research of the highest quality
  • a centre for intellectually demanding, research-informed education that nurtures independence of mind and helps students achieve their personal goals and serve society’s needs, both during and after their time here
  • an inclusive and collaborative community of scholarship that attracts and retains people with outstanding talent and potential from all walks of life and all parts of the world
  • a stimulating and supportive environment for all students and staff, distinguished by a commitment to high standards, respect for the individual and a strong sense of collegiality
  • committed to operating in a sustainable manner
  • engaged with society’s interests, concerns, priorities and aspirations
  • a major contributor culturally, environmentally and economically to Bristol and the South West
  • well led and responsibly run, with an emphasis on consultative decision-making and open communication as well as personal responsibility and accountability.

Our priorities are therefore to:

  1. Be recognised globally for the quality of our research.
  2. Create a positive research environment and infrastructure which will attract and retain the highest quality researchers and postgraduate students worldwide.
  3. Develop our portfolio of flagship and high-impact research, working across and between disciplines to answer important societal questions and contribute to the social, political, environmental and economic well being of the region, the UK and the wider world.
  4. Seek, manage and provide professional support for strategic relationships and alliances with key national and international partners – business and industry, the public sector, user communities, sponsors of research and policy-makers.
  5. Play a leading intellectual role in enterprise, knowledge exchange and economic and social impact agendas, and continue to be a beacon of good practice and leader of innovation in the city and region.
  6. Develop a sustainable portfolio of research informed by evidence-based leadership, management and administration, and supported by high standards of governance.

This Strategy reaffirms our priorities for research and enterprise across the University, as detailed in the University Vision and Strategy 2009-16, and lays out our objectives for the next seven years. One of the key deliverables is for the University Research Committee to act as the Project Board for the implementation of the Strategy. Their first priority will be to develop an Action Plan and associated project structure for the implementation and monitoring of the strategy’s objectives, supported by Research and Enterprise Development.

We will use this area of the website to provide information about the implementation of the Strategy and to report on progress.

We look forward to working with our research colleagues to realise the aspirations identified in the Strategy.

Approved by Senate and Council in May 2009.

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