Visibility, confidentiality and who can see what

You can decide on the visibility of individual records in Pure. To change the visibility, select the relevant record and the record editing window will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the editing widow to the Visibility section. For most records except for your person record (as all current academic staff and PGRs are set to visible and this setting is not editable*) - look for this drop-down option near the bottom of the record window. Remember to save the record in order to apply the new visibility setting

* If a particular record is so sensitive that it cannot even be viewed by Pure users within the University it may be appropriate for it to be excluded from Pure altogether. If you have such content please contact Sophie Collet, Head of Research and Enterprise Policy.

Personal data

Personal information in Pure is brought in from the University HR system. When you log into Pure you will see that various personal information about you is displayed, such as historical job role information and start dates for your organisation affiliation. This information can only be seen only by you and a limited number of other people (e.g. high level Pure administrators).

The Pure web site - Explore Bristol Research - promotes Bristol research and the people who carry out that research. The only personal information about you that will automatically be displayed on the web site is your name, job title, organisation affiliations, and contact details similar to the University contact directory. You can add other page information including a photo and profile description.

Project visibility