Funded research project information is automatically imported into Pure from University Finance systems. Research grants with an R* finance code only with a start date on or after 2002 are imported into Pure.

How to make your projects visible on the EBR website and attached to your profile

  1. Is the project you are part of an “R…” coded project?
  2. If you are the PI your project record will be within your Projects section on your Pure profile –  go to 3
    If you are not the PI, ask the PI, local Pure editor or Pure Support ( to add you to the project - you will then have editing access to the records and can go to 3
  3. Enhance the information on your project - add a short title, acronym, descriptions, links and co-investigators, then go to 4

    add project info

    Complete as many fields as possible, and add colleagues' names to the Related project participants. Once a person has been added to a project as a participant, they will then be able to edit the details of that project.
  4. Add Relations– ie create links between the project and other content in Pure, for example, linking research outputs to the project. See the creating relations guide.  Linking funded projects to outputs is particularly useful if you report the outcomes of your award via Researchfish as RED staff can bulk-upload Pure publication relations to Researchfish on behalf of PIs. More information about the Pure-Researchfish bulk upload is available.
  5. Make the project visible on the website:

    visibility settings
    More about visibility…
    Remember to Save when you have finished editing the project.

Non-R projects - add your own

You can add non-R (labelled “non-funded” in Pure) projects to the Explore Bristol Research website alongside other projects with no discernible difference between them and "R…” projects as the "non-funded" label is not displayed on the website.
Select projects
Click the plus sign which appears when you hover over the projects link on the left hand side in Pure. A new window will open where you can add details about your non-funded project.

Adding additional information to funded projects

The basic details about funded research projects will be generated from information already held in University Finance systems. Additional information can be added to these projects in Pure in order to promote and record a better picture of the research that is being carried out.

Principal Investigators will have access to view and edit their funded projects but you can have access too if you have your name added to it. First find and retrieve your project see steps 1 to 6 above) then select the project that you wish to edit

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