Project and funder visibility on Explore Bristol Research

Primary Investigators are encouraged to make their projects publicly available on Explore Bristol Research, and instructions are available for making projects visible here. Some consideration, however, should be taken as to which projects and funders to make available. See How to make Funding organisation and HESA Classification information fields visible on your project page in Explore Bristol Research

Confidentiality agreements with funders

There are no restrictions on our making publicly available information about research projects funded (in all or part) by:

With all other funders, there may be restrictions of one form or another to what and how much information we can make available, and this will be specified in the project contract. There is a general clause in many contracts that information about the project (not only to project outputs) can only be promoted with the agreement of all parties. As a general rule, then, Primary Investigators should seek funder approval (in writing) prior to making information available.  

Important: Highly confidential projects

A small handful of project contracts are flagged as highly confidential within ORCA (the database that Pure gets its contracts/application data from). In these cases, Pure records will be maintained so that these contracts never become publicly available on Explore Bristol Research.

Other considerations

Whilst there may be no restrictions on our ability to disclose information about a project, or where other parties are quite happy for us to disclose, there may still be good reasons to withhold information. For example, the information may be withheld for competitive reasons, or due to sensitivities associated with certain organisations or with working in a particular area. Primary Investigators are asked to consider carefully these sensitivities (political, ethical, competitive) before opening up such information and, if need be, to keep their decisions under review. If in doubt, please seek guidance from Pure Support