Personal Overview

Your Pure personal overview page draws your Pure content together and allows you to manage it. This is also where you can add a photo and a research description. You can find it under the 'personal' tab when you log into Pure. Depending on your access, this may be the only tab you have, or one of a number.

screenshot of the Personal tab

T‌he personal overview includes:

It is important to note that:

Some of the data on this page is replicated in your Explore Bristol Research profile, and other information is for your view only. There is also some data you can directly control in Pure, and other parts which may need to be edited elsewhere. This guide will break down what the overview is showing you, how to edit it, and which information is public.  

screenshot of the toggle which allows users to switch back to the old view of personal overview

The toggle which can revert your page to the old view will be available for the next few months and will be removed during a future upgrade. We will give notice here when that will happen. 

Researcher Profile Information

Screenshot of top of Pure overview

(1) My public profile links to your Explore Bristol Research page

(2) Curricula vitae will appear here if you have added a public CV to Pure

(3) ORCiD link will appear here if you have an ORCiD account and linked it to Pure

(4) Edit profile allows you to add or amend your profile photo, research statement, CV, ORCiD and links. Further guidance about profile editing

If you need to change your name, title or qualifications, this must be done in ERP (staff) or SITS (students), and it will then feed into Pure the following day.

Staff guidance for ERP changes

Students: please contact your Faculty Admin team for SITS updates. 

Content Overview

screenshot of content overview section in personal overview screen

T‌his is a summary of your content in Pure. You can click onto each to view the relevant list in Pure. 

Research outputs, projects, student theses, activities, prizes and datasets will be visible in Explore Bristol Research so long as they reach the criteria for public visibility

Please note, research outputs also need to be validated to be publicly visible. 

Project Timeline

screenshot of the project graph on the personal overview screen (inc info points)

(1) Select the time range for projects you want to view

(2) Click on indivdual projects for more details about each project and the option to go to the project editor page

(3) The small circles represent other content (e.g. research outputs, activities or prizes) related to the project and based on date

(4) The ellipsis means the project does not have an end date. Projects without a start or end date have no line. 

(5) Counts of applications, awards and projects can be found below the timeline. Click into these to view the details. 


This summary is only visible to you.  

For further information about how to edit projects, see the Projects FAQ

Adding New Content

the big green add content button

Use this to add content to Pure. It opens a new window to allow you to select a template or import existing content. 

Notifications and Tasks

screenshot of notification bar on the personal overview (Elsevier example)

T‌he notification panel lets you know if you have been added to content. If it is correct, click 'Got it!' to remove the notification. If you wish to disclaim the content, click 'Not mine'. Notifications older than 6 months will be removed. 


screenshot of the task bar in the personal overview

T‌asks will alert you to actions you may want to do. Typically, outputs that need to be 'pushed to the next workflow step' may be warning you about an output still in draft status. If you have set up imports, you may receive these notices too. Click on the tasks to review and take action on them. ‌

Supervision overview

 screenshot of supervision in personal overview

‌If you supervise students, this will show your current and former students. The information is fed from SITS and any changes to the names or weightings need to be updated at source, in SITS. The updates will feed into Pure the following day. 

This information is not publicly visible on Explore Bristol Research. When the student adds their thesis to Pure after completing their programme, it will then show under a 'Supervised Work' tab on your profile. Adding theses to Pure has been mandatory since September 2018. Elsevier (the Pure owners) have agreed to make current supervision visible on a future version of Explore Bristol Research. 

Research Network

screenshot of the research network diagram on the personal overview

T‌he collaboration map is a visual overview of your research network. You can reset the central focus and choose which content types to include. The links at the bottom will take you to the results list in the Pure editor window. 

Making any changes to this diagram does not affect your Explore Bristol Research page or any of your content in Pure. A similar, albeit less interactive, version is available on your Explore Bristol Research profile.