Full text documents in Pure and on the EBR web site

How to add a full text document

To add a full-text document, click on the publication title to open the record, scroll down and click the Add document... button.

Add full-text document

A new window will open - browse for the document on your computer and select it. You can also specify which version of the document you are adding and set its visibility (this setting only affects the full-text document itself and not the visibility of the bibliographic record associated with it).

Full-text diagram displaying drop-down options

You can set the publishers' embargo date on the document here. This means that the document will not be displayed on the University’s Explore Bristol Research web pages until the embargo date has passed.

How to get your document to appear on the Explore Bristol Research web site

Add your full-text document (as described above) and make sure your document is set to "Public - visible.." Pure will alert library open access staff if you upload a published text and they will check that the document meets publisher's guidelines before they make the record available on the web site.

‌Library open access staff can change the record to "Validated" but most users to do not have access to the validate option in Pure.

It may take a few weeks for open access staff to get to your document. If you urgently need your document to be validated you can email them requesting that they prioritise validating your full text on open-access@bristol.ac.uk

If you have any questions about the copyright status of your publications and what versions you can make publicly available through open access, please consult the University of Bristol library's research support web pages or contact the Library open access team on open-access@bristol.ac.uk.