Information for Leavers

Pure holds information about research undertaken by academic staff and postgraduate research students. This information remains in Pure even after the researcher has left. Explore Bristol Research (the Pure-driven website) includes profiles for current researchers only. This means that when a researcher leaves Bristol, their EBR profile is no longer visible. If you are leaving the University, you may want to download your research information from Pure before you go.

Downloading information from Pure

You can download separate lists of content, or you can download all your research information in a single CV.

To download separate lists of content, select the type of content you want to download (eg "research output" or "activities") from the left hand navigation. A list of your content will appear in the central panel. At the bottom of each list are options to download the content in different formats (PDF, Word etc). Select the format of your choice and save the file. If you are downloading information because you leaving Bristol to go to another University, we recommend you download your publications in BibTex and RIS formats. BibTex and RIS are common formats for bibliographic information.

If you'd like an export of content in Excel format, please email Tell us which information you want to receive.

To download all your content in a single CV, select Curricula Vitae from the left hand navigation, and then select "Private CV" from the list of options available. Select the content you wish to include in the CV and then press "Create". The CV will appear, including options to download in PDF or Word format (bottom of the page).