Explore Bristol Research and your personal profile

Editable details: Photo, publishing name and research interests (free text)

Select Edit profile button (personal users)

edit profile

Editors' view: (Master data tab – if you are editor and wish to edit your colleagues’ profiles and/or set up automatic scans – you will need person record access – please email pure-support@bristol.ac.uk to request this type of access). Search for the person record within your school or department that you wish to edit in the long search bar then select their name.

edit profile, editors

  • Publishing name - Type directly into the First and Last name(s) text boxes – remember to save any changes by clicking the blue Save button. You can also edit the display of your name on individual records.
  • Photo: Scroll down to where there is a section for adding and maintaining your photo. You can upload any size photo in portrait or landscape formats - your image will be resized for you.
  • Your research interests (free text): Scroll down and select the Add profile information button or Edit at the top right of the Profile information>Research interests section. A new window will appear. Write some free text into this text box describing a summary of your research interests. This is the area you may wish to add some information about your teaching interests (optional) as currently there are no fields in Pure to record this information.
    It is quite small so if you need to expand this text box, use the icon with the four arrows on the top right hand side (shown in image below).
    profile description text box
    Pure has a standard web tool interface. You cannot add images using these tools yet, though this is planned for future versions. When you have completed your text;
  • If you have used the expand icon, click it again to resize it back into the record window
  • Click the blue Create button and also remember to Save any changes you have made in your record (this always applies in Pure)
  • Your Explore Bristol Research profile will be updated instantly but if you have a PeopleProfiler web site the changes will appear after the overnight refresh of information from Pure in the PeopleProfiler system.
  • For further information go to Visibility, confidentiality and who can see what

Write your research summary for the web

Tips for your profile text and for your content in Pure*

  • Imagine who your target audiences are - e.g., researchers, potential collaborators and funders - and fully inform those groups.
  • Use key words and phrases that users may search for when they are searching for information on Explore Bristol Research.
  • Your content should be clear, concise and free of errors.
  • Ensure the page content is well structured, paying attentions to headers and sub-headers which should be used in the correct order (e.g., h1 followed by h2, h3, etc.)
  • Make your link texts meaningful

(*With thanks to the University of Bristol's training workbook, Making your online presence stand out)

Change the order in which your school/research groups are displayed on EBR

change affiliatins display order

Click the arrows upwards or downwards to move the display order of the department or research group on your Pure profile. You can move any of your affiliations but please do not remove any - if you would like to be removed from a research group please email Pure Support to request that this be done for you. Department and school affiliations can be moved up or down but not removed as this information is sourced from the HR system, PIMS. Remember to save your changes.


A summary of your citation metrics, if you have any, are displayed here. Further information - Citation metrics

Change the filter to your preferred display in your personal overview

You can choose to have your research output and activity records displayed in different ways – some examples include type of publication, publication state, publication year, workflow, etc.

choose display choose display choose display choose display

Non-editable details and how to get them changed

Your post-nominal qualifications:  If any of this information is incorrect,  log in and change the details on the University staff info pages https://www.bris.ac.uk/staffinfo/ Note: Changes you make here will update overnight in Pure and Explore Bristol Research.

If any details of your  job title, work address or department are incorrect then the source systems are incorrect  - please contact hr-systems@bristol.ac.uk

Organisations and research groups: Organisations are displayed on Explore Bristol Research. This includes the official University structure (e.g. schools and faculties) as well as institutes and research groups/centres. If your research group or centre does not appear on the EBR web site – you can request and set up groups in Pure. Further information - Research groups

Add your ORCID ID


ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor IDentifier) provides researchers and authors with a unique ID that can be used throughout research and publishing lifecycles. To find out more about ORCID or read some ORCID FAQs then please see the main ORCID page. If you wish to create an ORCID from Pure or add an existing ORCID to Pure then you can see step by step guidance on the Pure and ORCID page.

Create and edit your CV

  • Once you have updated all your research information in Pure you can produce a CV for your own use directly from the system.

    • Select the ‘+’ sign when you hover over the Curricula Vitae content type on the left hand side of the interface.
    • Choose Private CV (Do not use Public CV as Bristol does not display your CV on the EBR website)
    • Tick which CV elements you wish to include
    • Download into a Word or PDF document

    new cv

    Highlight your six most important records on your EBR profile

    • In the Curricula Vitae content area, select Highlighted Content CV

    highlight records

    • Add your favourite or most important records which you wish to have displayed on the front page of your EBR profile
    • Tick the Publish box next to the Save button at the bottom of the screen and then click Save.
    • Check your EBR profile to view your highlighted records.