Changes to Pure activities

The Pure Activity data model has been updated and will be available by early May 2017.
The main changes are:
  • The introduction of a new Prizes content type, enhancing the visibility of esteem measures. 
  • Changes to the primary and secondary activity categories, to make it easier to add activities.
  • More flexibility, enabling ease of data capture and increased flexibility for defining and changing types used to categorise activities.
  • The ability to capture external as well as internal activities.

Below are some details about the new model and a description of how the existing activities have been migrated.


The most substantial change to the model is the introduction of the Prizes content type. This splits the model between research-related activity undertaken ("Activities") and prizes, honours and other esteem indicators that have been won ("Prizes"). User guidance for Prizes will be available soon from the How to Use Pure page.

Activity category changes

The new model introduces some category changes. The old model had six categories and the new model has nine. Each primary category contains one or more secondary categories. We hope that the new model will make it easier to capture activities information in Pure.

The old and new activity categories are:

Old ModelNew Model
  • Awards
  • Conference participation
  • External academic engagement
  • Editorial work or peer review of publications
  • Business and community
  • Public engagement and outreach
  • Publication peer-review and editorial work
  • Participating in or organising an academic event
  • Public and community engagement
  • Consultancy
  • Membership and advisory work
  • Visiting an external institution
  • Hosting a visitor
  • Examination
  • Fellowships, Media and other activities

Category and description Secondary categories

Publication peer-review and editorial work

Publication peer review and editorial work, including capturing associated Journal, Publisher, or Event details


  • Editorial activity
  • Publication peer-review


Participating in or organising an academic event

Attendance at or organisation of a past or current academic event (conference, workshop, symposium etc...), including capturing details of the event

  • Participation in conference
  • Participation in workshop, seminar, course
  • Invited talk

Public talks, outreach and engagement and Media

Public talks, outreach and engagement or Media coverage/participation 

  • Public talk, debate, discussion
  • Festival, exhibition, performance
  • Schools engagement
  • Media coverage or participation


Consultancy work as part of a researcher's professional work, including details on the organisation or event for whom consultancy work is done


  • Consultancy 
  • Appointments or secondments with industry or commerce
  • CPD delivery/organisation of courses for externals                   


Membership and advisory work

Membership or advisory work, including capturing associated event or organisation details

  • Membership of external research organisation
  • Membership or peer review panel or committee
  • Membership of public/government advisory/policy group or panel
  • Advisory work for/on panel to industry
  • Advisory work for/on panel social community or cultural engagement
  • Advisory work for/on national or international committee or working group

Visiting an external institution

Visits to other institutions, including capturing details on the visited external organisation

  •  Visiting an external institution

Hosting a visitor

Visit from an individual from another research institution, including capturing details on the visiting external person

  • Hosting an academic visitor
  • Hosting a non-academic visitor


Examination activities, including capturing the examiner, examined person and/or organisation of examination details

  •  Examiner

Fellowships and other activities

Fellowships awarded competitively and any activities not covered in the other categories

  • Fellowship awarded competitively
  • Other activity

Further details about the new activity categories and templates can be viewed here: Pure activity categories (PDF, 264kB).

A note about the Fellowships, Media and other activities category

The Fellowships and other activities category is an amendment to the default list of categories. The new model doesn't easily accommodate Fellowships. These properly belong in the Projects area, rather than the Activities or Prizes area but resource restrictions currently prevent us from moving these. In the future new systems such as ERP will make it easier for us to capture Fellowship information and feed it into Pure automatically. There is a new Pure Media model available which we are currently evaluating and which we intend to begin using within the next few months. Once the Media model has been enabled, we will move the existing media activity into the new model.

Functionality changes

In the old model it wasn't possible to add more than one person to an activity or an event. The new model allows this. This will make it quicker to add activity information and will improve reporting. It's also now possible to change the template of an activity record after it has been created, in the same way that already exists for output records. This makes it easy to move an activity. In some categories in the new model additional information is now required, for example "visitor" is now a required field in the "hosting a visitor" category. We hope this will mean that we can capture more meaningful information about activities.

Migration of old activities

Upon upgrade to the new model, an automatic migration of the existing activity content was made. A proportion of activities migrated automatically into categories within new activities model. A further number of activities were moved "in-bulk" to their correct new category. The Pure team are undertaking manual record creation/editing for the remaining activities (approximately 1500) to ensure that they fit well in the new model. This work will take place throughout May 2017. We will update this document and the Pure news area once this work is complete. In the meantime, some activities will not be in their appropriate category.
Activities in the activity "awards" category (approximately 600) were migrated automatically into the new Prizes model. This means they will no longer appear in the activities area, but can be found and edited in the Prizes area. More information about the Prizes model will be available soon.

Activities on Explore Bristol Research

Activities continue to be visible on Explore Bristol Research, and can be found via the global tab at the top of all EBR pages.
Prizes will also appear on Explore Bristol Research. These will be attached to researcher profile pages. There will not be a global tab for Prizes.