Adding and editing activities in Pure

Pure can be used to record details of a wide range of research activities (e.g., invited talks, editorial work, public engagement activity etc.). Activities are visible on Explore Bristol Research (EBR), and can be found via the global tab at the top of all EBR pages.
Note that there is a separate content type for Prizes, awards and other individual esteem indicators.

Adding and editing Activities

To add an activity, log into Pure ( using your usual UoB log-in details and select either the “+” sign which appears when you hover over the left-hand-side Activities link [or, select the green Add new button ].

Personal user view

 or Editor view (administrators or any staff editing for other users)

A new window will open. Now you can choose an appropriate category and sub-category for your activity (hovering over each sub-category will provide you with a description of it):   



When you have selected your type of activity a new window will open, allowing you to add additional details. Most of the options are fairly self-explanatory. Note that there is also a button at the upper right corner that will allow you to change template if you have chosen the wrong one:

 Adding an external person or organisation to your Activity

 Type in the name of the person (or organisational unit -- Pure works the same way for either) and Pure will check whether the name already exists in the system – if it does, choose the pre-existing instance.

 If the person's name is not already in Pure, create a new person:

Select RoleType and Country from drop-down options. Add Affiliated organisation if applicable.

Adding other details to your activity

Deleting or copying a record

On the bottom right-hand side of your record you will find a drawn red cross where you can delete your activity or prize (use with care - there is no undelete facility). Care should be taken not to delete records where other co-authors are included.

The two-blank-documents icon (on saved records only) enables you to copy and paste the activity if you wish to create several similar records - and only change some of the details before saving as a new record.

Deciding on visibility

The default visibility setting is ‘Public’ which means the record will be displayed on the Explore Bristol Research web pages. If you do not wish the activity to be displayed on the web you should select Sensitive - only visible to users logged into Pure (see Visibility in Pure)

Always remember to save the record using the blue save button.

Your activity will now appear on the Explore Bristol Research web site.