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21 November 2019

We’re pleased to confirm that we have successfully migrated to cloud-hosted environment for Pure and Explore Bristol Research. Access to both remains unchanged. System information is always updated on the IT Service Status page and our Twitter account. If you have any comments or feedback about your experience with Pure, please contact us on pure-support@bristol.ac.uk

8 November 2019 - Pure migration to cloud-hosted environment

Pure will be unavailable on the following dates due to a migration of environment: from 12pm on Monday 18 November until the end of Wednesday 20 November.

During the migration, users will be unable to log into Pure. Explore Bristol Research will be available throughout.

We apologise for the disruption that this interruption may cause. The new cloud-hosted environment will centralise support for the system, and will allow us to upgrade the Pure software more rapidly. It will also allow us to enable more functionality and increase our use of Pure.

There will be another environment change at a later date, to replace Explore Bristol Research with an updated portal.

For migration progress and updates, please also check the IT Service Status page and Twitter.

17 September 2019

There has been a recent change to the behaviour of records when they are edited, and they will not be publicly visible on Explore Bristol Research for a short while during the re-validation process. For further details, please see the Open Access help pages, particularly the question "I edited my publication in Pure, why has it disappeared from Explore Bristol Research?"

Training Dates

If you are a Research Administrator / Officer and new to Pure, or need a refresher, please book a place on "Pure: An Introduction" training session. The following dates are available:

 You can book your place via the Staff Development page

*Drop-in Dates*

The drop-in is for any Pure users and provides an informal environment to come and chat to us directly about any Pure questions you have. The drop-ins usually include another member of a RED team too (for example, REF or Open Access). If there's a particular team you'd like to speak to, please check with us in advance who will be attending which drop-in. 

Please see our Support Pages for a list of drop-in dates. 

29 August 2019: Updated groups support

We have recently updated our approach to supporting research groups (groups, centres, themes etc) in Pure.  The key points of the change are:

For the background and rationale for this change, please see our Pure groups page.

21 August 2019: Pure and Explore Bristol Research Upgraded Successfully

Pure and EBR are now running on version 5.15.0. Pure users will see some small changes to positioning of favourites, history and tasks. There is also a change to the ‘highlighted content’ section. For further details, please see How to edit your Pure profile (PDF, 753kB).‌ Please note, if you are uploading BibTeX files, please read the updated guidance here. New training dates and drop-ins will be announced here soon. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates: https://twitter.com/BristolUniPure

Pure will be upgraded to vs 5.15.0 on Tuesday 20 August 2019

This will mean that Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable throughout the day on Tuesday 20 August. Following the upgrade, Personal Users will see some small changes to the Edit Profile options, in particular an extra option in the menu to add ‘Highlighted Content’. Details will be updated in the ‘How to edit your Pure profile’ following the upgrade. All Pure users will see minor interface changes include the positioning of favourites and browsing history, and the appearance of tasks and notifications. This version of Pure will also have a much richer REF functionality which the REF team are looking forward to working with. We apologise for the disruption this will cause while the upgrade is carried out.  

4 February 2019: Pure Service News

Pure upgrades

Last month Pure and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) were upgraded to vs 5.13.2. Highlights:

Researchfish publications upload from Pure

The main Researchfish submission period opened today and will run until 14th March 2019. PIs may be interested to know that there is a bulk upload of award/publication relations from Pure into Researchfish.

This service means that if you have already made a relation between your project and your research outputs in Pure you will not need to add it again to Researchfish (find out how to relate Pure records). The Pure team will upload any qualifying relations from Pure to Researchfish on the 7th and 14th February (Researchfish turn the bulk upload off on the 15th February).

Bear in mind that not all relations qualify. Follow the link for more information about the publications upload from Pure (includes criteria). Contact research-outcomes@bristol.ac.uk if you have further questions.

New Pure training dates now released

Further Pure training sessions are finally available. Notice these are for research administrators/managers and staff with similar roles. PGRs, academic staff and research administrators can come along to our drop-ins for one to one help. Book training and check future drop-ins.

Get the latest service news by joining us on Twitter @BristolUniPure.

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8 Jan 2019: Pure and EBR upgraded successfully

The New Year has just begun and we are already running on a a new version of the Pure software. Pure and EBR have been upgraded successfully today, Tuesday 8th of January, to vs 5.13.2. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the interruption of Pure/EBR during the installation process.

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