Explore Bristol Research

Explore Bristol Research is a publicly available searchable and browsable view of research related information drawing directly from records maintained in Pure, the University’s Research Information System. The web site automatically updates from information entered into Pure and replaces the previous IRIS and ROSE public web displays of publications. In addition the web site features other research-related information from Pure, including:

Vision for Explore Bristol Research

The Pure project board, chaired by Professor Guy Orpen, agreed a vision statement for Explore Bristol Research:

We envisage that Explore Bristol Research will be an important means by which we are able to display and promote detailed information about research at the University of Bristol. We believe that at the heart of our research are the people who carry out the research, and therefore we want to use Explore Bristol Research as a means of promoting our staff and highlighting collaborations between people and groups of people. We have produced Explore Bristol Research to:

  • promote the range and breadth of research and people at Bristol, enhancing the communication of our research strengths and achievements to external audiences
  • break down the traditional boundaries of Schools/Faculties in the display of information about our research, to allow audiences to browse and search research activity and people across our internal organisation structure
  • make available full texts of publications
  • make openly available information about research at the University of Bristol
  • reduce re-keying and encourage information to be entered directly into Pure where it can also be used for other purposes, rather than into a website

The Pure Portal will be a very important tool in supporting the delivery of several of the priorities set out in the University of Bristol Research and Enterprise Strategy 2009-2016. In particular, Priority 1: To be recognised globally for the quality of our research, Specifically, Objective 1.5: To enhance the communication of our strengths and promotion of our achievements.

  • Media enquiries: If you would like to speak to staff engaged in research on behalf of the University, please view our Directory of Experts
  • Commercial enquiries: If you are interested in business opportunities arising from commercialisation of research activity, please see How we work with business
  • Postgraduate student enquiries: Please view the University of Bristol’s postgraduate prospectus for information about courses and postgraduate opportunities.
  • Accessibility and data protection: If you encounter difficulties accessing our research information, or have concerns about personal data contained in Explore Bristol Research, please contact Pure Support
  • Support for University of Bristol staff: If you are a member of University staff and encounter problems with either Explore Bristol Research or use of the Pure software that delivers it, please contact Pure Support
  • You can edit your information on Explore Bristol Research by logging on to Pure and updating your records. See our  user guides containing information on how to use Pure.
  • Notice and Take Down Policy: Every effort has been made to ensure that content in Explore Bristol Research does not infringe any person's rights, or applicable UK laws. Should you discover content that you believe to be illegal, contact Pure Support
  • Research Information System project board documentation