Pure news and future developments

20th April-17: Upcoming interruptions to Pure and Explore Bristol Research

On Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th May Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable due to software upgrades (see below for details). We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these interruptions.
Details of Pure upgrade in May 2017
Pure is being upgrade to a new version of the software that includes several major changes. These include updated Activities and Projects models, and a new Prizes model.
The changes are:
  • Changes to the Activities area, including new categories and the ability to add multiple people to an activity. A description of the new Pure activities model is available.
  • A new Prizes model, for gathering information about Prizes and Awards. User guidance for Prizes will be available soon from the How to Use Pure page.
  • Changes to the Projects area. The old model includes two content types: Applications / Awards and Projects. The new model has three content types: Applications, Awards and Projects. This will make it easier to capture information at different stages of the award process. A summary of the changes to the project model will be available soon from the How to Use Pure page.
  • Minor ORCID integration improvements including:
    • ORCID notifications will only be sent when new/updated information has been supplied by Pure (previously notifications were sent every night).
    • An ORCID Education entry will automatically be created for students who use the integration.
    • The Pure/ORCID pages will be updated to reflect these changes.
  • A number of publications improvements including:
    • Fixes to some REF Open Access compliance logic (for Library use).
    • Altered workflow to prevent validated full text documents from being removed.
    • Expansion of the Journal datamodel to include whether the Journal is indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals.
    • Auto-population of some license information when adding a full text document to a record (for documents sourced from Science Direct only).
    • Full text download metrics visible on output records (in the metrics tab of the record).

22nd March-17: Pure/EBR interruption on 5th April

On Wednesday 5th April 7am-5pm BST Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable.  This is to allow for essential IT maintenance to be carried out.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption.

3rd March-17: Monday's Pure/EBR interruption now cancelled

The IT maintenance work planned for Monday 6th March has been delayed, with a new date to be announced.  This means that Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be available on Monday.

17th February-17: Pure/ORCID multiple update issue

There is currently an issue with the Pure/ORCID integration. Pure will attempt to update ORCID every day, even when no changes have been made. No updates will actually be made (unless changes are made in Pure) but users may receive three ORCID notification emails per day. This issue is fixed in the latest version of Pure (upgrade date to be announced on this page).

14th February-17: Advanced notice of Pure/EBR interruption on 6th March

On Monday 6th March 7am-5pm GMT Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable.  This is to allow for essential IT maintenance to be carried out.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption.

7th February-17: Recent Pure email malfunctions

On Monday 6th February (from approximately 4pm GMT) a high volume of Pure emails from noreply@atira.dk were sent in error to a number of Bristol staff and postgraduate students. 

The source of these emails was a mis-configuration by the Pure third-party software suppliers.  The suppliers have since corrected the misconfiguration and have assured us that no further emails will be sent from them.
If you received emails from noreply@atira.dk, please delete them. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these rogue emails.

19th December-16:New Pure and EBR functionality

New functionality is now available in Pure and Expore Bristol Research.

Extended ORCID support 

There are instructions for connecting your Pure account to ORCID.  

Explore Bristol Research improvements 

Several minor Explore Bristol Research improvements have been introduced:

Find out how to edit your EBR profile from Pure.

2nd December-15: Pure upgrade postponed

Next Monday's Pure upgrade has been postponed while we investigate issues associated with the new version. The new upgrade date will be announced here when it has been confirmed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change of schedule.

24th November-15: Pure upgrade on 7th December 2015

We have scheduled Monday the 7th of December (8am - noon) for an upgrade to Pure version 5.4.1. 
The new version includes several improvements:

Both Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this interruption.

1st October-15: Pure Upgrade

Pure has now been upgraded to version 4.22.3-2. This release includes several changes:

21-September-15: Pure Upgrade on 1st October 2015

On 1st October 2015, Pure will be upgraded to a new version that has better support for Open Access information. More information about the new functionality will be available soon on the Pure support homepage.  The upgrade will begin at 8am and will take several hours. Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

14-August-15: Pure Strategic Review

Over the past year, the RED Policy team have been conducting a Strategic Review of the Pure service. The Strategic Review final report, including recommendations, development priorities and a 2015/16 roadmap are now available online (these are internal documents).  

If you are not a University member but would like to find out more about the Review, please feel welcome to contact us

24-July-15: Changes to Pure publications harvesting

To support compliance with HEFCE’s Open Access policy, the Library will soon begin harvesting a selection of publications records from Scopus into Pure. The Library will harvest any Scopus publication records where there is already an in press version of the record with a full-text attachment in Pure. The Library will merge the original and new versions of the publication record to create one accurate publication record.

Pure users and editors are welcome to continue harvesting publications from Scopus, however they may find that certain items have already been imported by the Library.

The Library will harvest from Scopus on a weekly basis. Users and editors who have chosen to receive import notifications via email will now receive these emails on a monthly basis.

This new process begins on August 1st 2015.

Further information about the Open Access policy will be circulated in the near future.

19-June-15: Essential IT work

Pure and Explore Bristol Research are unavailable on Tuesday 14th July, 8am-10am or possibly until noon. This is due to essential server patching work. More information about the status of IT services, including planned disruptions, can be found on the IT Status webpage.  

19-May-15: Pure - upgrade complete

Pure has now been upgraded to version 4.21.2-3. New functionality includes more Person fields, Student Thesis coversheets and ORCID creation.
Please note that this version includes additional Person fields (e.g. "Positions outside of the institution"). We are currently reviewing these new fields. In the meantime content added to these fields will not appear on Explore Bristol Research.

13-May-15: Pure - next upgrade

Bristol's Pure upgrade which had been scheduled for 22nd April has now been rescheduled for Tuesday 19th May. Both the Pure admin interface and Explore Bristol Research website will be unavilable from 9am-5pm.  

20-April-15: Pure - next upgrade

With apologies to our users, Bristol's Pure upgrade which had been scheduled for 22nd April has now been postponed for technical reasons.  The new date has not yet confirmed but will be early in May.  

9-April-15: Intermittent bug affecting page viewing and content editing

With apologies there is currently a serious bug in Pure which can prevent users from loading pages or editing content. This bug only occurs intermittently but when it does, users are at risk of losing unsaved content. 
The bug will be fixed when Pure is next upgraded (provisional date 22nd April). In the meantime, we recommend that users do not create or edit Pure content , or if they do, that they save their work frequently.

19-Mar-15: Scopus, Web of Science and harvesting output records

In November 2014 Scopus replaced Web of Science as a source of publications metadata for Pure. Since then Pure staff have been adding Scopus IDs to Pure publication records and there are now approximately 28,000 Pure publication records that have Scopus IDs. Of these 28,000, 16,000 relate to work published between 2010-2015. The benefits of Scopus IDs in Pure are:

Changes have also been made to automatic record harvesting system. Anyone who previously received automatic Pure alerts about Web of Science records will now receive alerts about Scopus records instead. Note that due to the different ways in which Web of Science and Scopus index authors, it may be necessary for users to edit the name variants used for these alerts. For instructions how to edit name variants see www.bris.ac.uk/pure/user-guides/outputs/#autoscan

Bugs in current version of Pure - Pure 4.20.2 (updated 14-Jan-15, next version at not yet confirmed)

Bug in Chrome affecting Pure

Other Pure bugs are:


Pure training courses are available at the Computer Centre, Tyndall Avenue this summer term, 2015. For further details and to book your place select the links below:

18 Dec 2014

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 has ranked Bristol among the UK’s top research universities.

Oct 2014

June 2014

May 2014

Highlights of PVC Guy Orpen's message to all academic staff

Extract from full version - Letter about enhancing your Pure portfolio to all academic staff (PDF, 0.1MB) from Professor Guy Orpen, Pro Vice-Chancellor, May 2014:

...Thanks to your efforts, we now have over 130,000 publications, 13,000 projects and 4,500 activities stored within Pure, many of which are visible on Explore Bristol Research. There is now the opportunity for you to enhance this information by creating links between your publications, activities and projects.  I would encourage you to take up this opportunity by adding these links and thereby secure benefits including:

A guide to making these relations: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/pure/user-guides/relations.html

Future plans

Pure versions - selected bug fixes and new features

Pure 4.20.2 (Current - updated 14-Jan-15)

Pure 4.20.1 (22-Dec-15)

Pure 4.20.1 (19-Nov-14)

Pure 4.19.3 (18-Sep-14)

Pure 4.18.2 (30-Apr-14)

The publication category - edited book bug not allowing edits - was resolved.

Pure 4.18.1 (19-Mar-14)

Pure 4.17.2-3 (30-Jan-14)

Pure 4.16.5 (19-Nov-13)

Pure 4.16.3-1 (14-Oct-13)

Pure 4.16.2 (9-Sep-13)

Pure 4.16.1-1 (5-Aug-13)

Pure change (22-Jul-12)

Pure 4.15.4-3 (04-Jun-13)

Pure 4.15.4 (20-May-13)

Pure 4.15.3-1 (01-May-13)

Pure 4.15.2 (08-Apr-13)

Pure 4.14.3 (28-Jan-13)

Pure 4.14.2 (10-Dec-12)

Pure 4.14.1 (08-Nov-12)

Pure 4.13.3 (23-Sep-12)

Pure, Explore Bristol Research web site and PeopleProfiler web sites

If you are an academic member of staff or a postgraduate research student, your PeopleProfiler website if you have one sources the following records from Pure :

We recognise that there is an overlap between Explore Bristol Research and the PeopleProfiler application which is in use by many schools and faculties. The RIS steering group (link available via single sign-on only) is taking active steps to resolve the issues that exist and explore the options for the future.

All personal users of Pure have a web profile - you can check yours by clicking the "My Explore Bristol Research overview" link under your personal details in Pure. For further information about the site, including how to customise your profile by choosing records you wish to highlight, go to the Explore Bristol Research and your personal profile